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At first, I was afraid that he would notice all my flaws. It was wonderful, a delight. I saw all the colors of the rainbow, it affected all my chakras. We went to live together after about a year. But the truth is that I really fell in love. When that thing rolled from eye to eye, I felt that he was giving in and that completely seduced me. It is obvious that the physical side attracted me, but it was just the kickoff local hookup.

Being beautiful and tasty and cute and everything I wanted from a man became one and won me over.

But if he is handsome, charming and of good content, it is good not to sleep in a cap. photographing a Kingfisher puppy for the first time: too cute. Dating ugly man has its advantages. With rare exceptions, handsome boyfriend takes a lot of work. Too much security gets in the way.

In addition, he was and is a charming, sweet, sensitive guy. He has a naivete that touches me deeply. I am expansive, fast-paced, talkative. He is silent, introspective, patient. In temperament and way of being, we are opposites, but we have a very similar essence. We still want to get to the same place and we have the same philosophy to educate our three children.

These affinities have always been natural to us. He also fell in love with me. To this day, he says he was and remains much more in love with me than I do with him. He makes a more melted model, I’m the tough one. He’s the man I sleep with and wake up to every day. He has flaws and behaviors that sometimes irritate me. Anyone looking at that man hardly imagines that he may have a problem with self-esteem.

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